1. Keep your distance. At least 20 metres. Derailment may occur when the rail bikes crash into each other.
  2. Keep low speed, preferably under 15 km per hour. High speed can cause derailment. Especially downhill. Derailment in high speed can cause personal injuries.
  3. Please be cautious inside the tunnels. It`s difficult to calculate distance and speed. Use your head lamps or lights.
  4. Please be cautious when passing the level crossing.
  5. Keep low speed when crossing the track exchanger to avoid derailment.
  6. Exiting the rail bike on bridges or alongside cliffs is strictly forbidden. Keep your children safe.
  7. Helmets are mandatory and reflex vests are required for those who are pushing the pedals.
  8. Alcohol is forbidden before and during the rail biking.
  9. You must be 15 years old to steer the rail bikes.

I have read the safety instructions and I hereby declare that everyone on my rail bike have read and understood the instructions.

I declare that Flekkefjordbanen AS and Bane NOR are not responsible for any injuries that I, or others on the rail bike, inflicts on ourselves, by violating the agreement.

Follow our safety instructions and rail biking at Flekkefjordbanen is completely safe.